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Electric Blanket 

YourSun electric blanket, including electric bedspread, electric blanket, electric mat, electric mat for relieving back, shoulder, head, hand and foot joint pain, breathable heating pillow for sofa and bed, super soft wool fiber heating blanket, electric mat that can be turned off automatically, heating level setting for fast heating pad, 100% soft and comfortable polyester, machine washable.

Super soft and comfortable - In the cold night, with our thick soft pullover, the knees and feet are no longer cold, and you can sleep warm and comfortable. You can feel it radiates warmth to your whole body, relieving pain. Made of super soft warm fabric, both sides are made of silky flannel. It also has exquisite stitching different from other products to ensure your high quality and durability. Neutral grey will definitely suit any color scheme in your home.
If you sleep well and forget to unplug the heating switch, please rest assured, because it is equipped with a programmable timer function of up to 9 hours. Once the required time is reached, the heating throw will be turned off. Control the heat pickup of the controller with 9 adjustable settings so that you can find the correct temperature you need. It is simple to use and very effective, providing different levels of heat according to your needs.
Full body comfort and fast heating - In cold nights, you don't need to work hard to keep your toes warm. Our heating sleeve is very large, ensuring that your feet are covered and even have enough space for others to share. The 130x160cm full body heating jacket has a soft surface, feels smooth and comfortable, and 250 gsm fabric can keep warm. It has efficient and uniform heat penetration and heat preservation functions, and is very suitable for relaxing painful muscles and joints.
Machine washable and easy to care - our heat cartridges are machine washable and dry for your convenience. The remote control and cable are completely detachable, allowing the heated thrower to be cleaned at low temperatures. Just make sure to disconnect and remove the controller before cleaning. You can easily and quickly unplug the control device and put it into the washing machine when needed, which can be easily disconnected. In the next few years, you can enjoy the clean, fresh and soft wool fabric of electric heating jacket.
Security Features - Your security is always our top priority. It is equipped with a safety overheating protection device, so that you can safely use your throwing all night long. The beautiful and elegant heating ball keeps you warm and safe at the same time. Our products bear the CE mark, declaring that the products comply with the new method directive of the European Union; This is the health, safety, performance and environmental requirements of Europe, and also checked by SGS.

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